Who We Are

So far, we'd like to remain a mystery. ;-) We're out there, quietly lurking, checking out all the various buffet and all you can eat restaurants in the city. Maybe you're out at a restaurant; we could be sitting next to you, but you'd never know so be aware and beware. :-) If we do happen to overhear the mention of endlessplate.com in your conversation, there's certainly a chance we might speak up though.

This website was started as a labour of love...for food, that is. At this point, we consider it more of a public service than anything else. Hopefully it will grow into something viable. We hope everyone just enjoys it while we try and figure out what we're doing. :-b

Oh ya, in case you're wondering, this website was all done using Notepad. Do we have your sympathy and pity now? :-o

We also want to acknowledge all the people and places that have helped along the way. Click here to see the props. :-)