Future Enhancements

Wow! Where do we start? We have so many of our own ideas, plus we've certainly heard a lot of great ideas from all of you out there too. Here's a short list of some of the things we're working on to make this the best and most user friendly website for you. Keep that feedback coming; we love it!

The Big Picture Stuff

Of course, eventually, someday, we hope this website will be for more than just Calgary. We loved to see endlessplate.com for every city out there.

We'd also like to add "speciality" pages dedicated to just Mother's Day events.

We're also working on listing pages for all the free birthday meals/food out there, plus all the places that offer free food or drinks (on the side or whatever). That should help increase our cred with one circle of friends out there (Hi, CBC!).

Upcoming Functionality

List more info for each restaurant, including their address, phone number, website, maybe even a link to google maps, etc.

Give people a way to rate restaurants according to a star ranking system.

Add the ability for people to post reviews or any other comments about the various restaurants.

The Pretty Stuff - Graphics, etc

We're working on a great, eye catching, best-est logo for the website.

Plus we want a flashy slogan to go with the logo. Just Eat It? Quantity is Job 1? Feed Me? :-b

The Back End Techie Stuff

The big one - migrate all the data to a MySQL data base.

Or maybe transition to some sort of CMS (content management system).